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Edit: We noticed there was a missing background in version 1.0, it is now fixed in version 1.1 :)

How does a little mountain reach the heavens?

As Haruka Koyama strives to pursue her cake making career via her family's little bakery, she hits a little bump in the road. She meets Camille Amai, the granddaughter to a prestigious cake company.

The two started off with a rocky beginning, but Haruka tries her best to prove her worthiness to this poker faced princess. Eventually, the two develop a bond through making cakes and showing each other the worlds they had never seen before.

Play through this kinetic novel and see how a pinch of salt (or a lot) at the beginning of the baking process can lead to a sweet and delicious cake in the end ♥

This is Team ANPIM's second game! We're happy to give you guys a cheesy sappiness of a visual novel once more ; u ;

From Salt to Sugar is a bit longer than our first one, and we tried our best to build and improve from N&F: All That's Inbetween (here if you haven't played through it before!) We had more time to do this (even though we were all busy with school and other things ((especially artist cause she had a stressful month, but still managed to pull through!));;;) so hopefully it's at least better than the previous!

We hope you enjoy!


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AHH this was a damn good story!!


will Kaede's lover be a completely new one in this year's YGJ game, aka this game's sequel?


Yeah! Kaede's lover is going to be a new character that did not appear in From Salt to Sugar :) If you remember what club Kaede joined, the love interest is related to that ;)


It was good, but ,sorry, nowhere near as good as ," I Can't Believe the Most Popular Girl in School is a Lesbian, Just Like Me!" That is in my all time top 5 of Visual Novels. And I have played well over 50 of them so far. 

In this one I felt really sorry for Kaede. Haruka seemed to treat her like her own personal doll. I also really thought that Kaede was amazing the way she just put up with it. All the time Kaede was  ignored when Camile was there with Haruka, she didn't mind. Kaede's character was amazing! I really do think you should do a follow up story of Kaede's life.  Give her a love interest, too. 

Anyway, thanks for making this!

to me it felt like Kaede love Haruka but couldnt say it ? and let Haruka get closer to Camille ,  i may be wrong too  , a story about Kaede could be nice too :)


Looks like they are going to do a Kaede story in the future (hopefully.) Thanks for the reply.

good news :)


We're definitely thinking about doing one for Kaede some time in the future! :) 

That will be something to look forward too! Thanks for the reply.


good and fun story :) drawing is good as always :) i love these little visual novels :)


Glad to hear that you're having fun with our short visual novels! Maybe one day we'll write a longer, full-fledged one :' )


they are already good even if short :) that would be even better :)


-Made a Video.


*claps claps* This is one of my favorite VN's...A good amount of humor (who doesn't like Kaede's comments) I was soooooo relieved when they got together (Camille & Haruka)..I was sooo hoping...Gives a billion stars *

Oh wow thank you so much!! We're honored to have this be one of your top VN's!! It wouldn't have been satisfying if our characters didn't end up together v u v. Unless.... maybe we start having choices and paths.....? Heh.


!!!! I loved this so much, it's so cute and I had to stare at the wall for a minute every so often because I was lowkey fangirling so much kjsbeglkjsbgek. I'm definitely going to check out your other game and I look forward to see future projects!


Wow!! Thank you for playing one of our older games and even loving it!! So happy to hear that you really enjoyed!! <3


Love it; too short in my opinion (then again, I'm a huge ANPIM fan :P). I wanna see more of Kaede; my fancanon is that she's going out with her senpai from her club or is in the process of soon being in a relationship with her, but that's just my mind. 

The story was enjoyable and while the perspective and character development seemed sudden, jarring or off at times; it was still great. I like the premise and all the characters were a delight to see interact with eachother, my favourite being Kaede. I did find Camilla's name strange and the fact that I'm pretty sure the names were reversed from how japanese names always are (last name first name style, I find it jarring the other way around anyway though). Art is good and I find the abundance of character pretty nice (though Katsumi to be a bit underused, maybe she could have teased Camile or something), nice story with likeable characters, and quite a few more kisses than it's siblings.

Verdict: another fun ANPIM game, a great yuri NV and in general NV. I Love you ANPIM! Can't wait to see more in the future (not to pressure you, we all have lives). Thanks for all the amazing yuri and stories; you have become my yuri dealer as you easter-egged in One's Lonesome. Keep up the good work!




Thank you for the very resourceful insight and very kind compliments ; u ; We'll be sure to (hopefully) wow you with our next VN coming up for the 2019 Yuri Jam! (We've got ideas written down and such, and we're super pumped to get started on it when the jam starts)

Also, everyone seems to be egging for a Kaede spinoff haha. Yes, we did have Kaede join a certain club for a certain somebody ;) Maybe one day! Thanks so much again for your lovely reviews, and it's such a big honor for us to be one of your most sought out teams! <3


Gosh I love stories like this!! This is so cute holy cow!!!

Yesss!! We love stories like these too and hence this story was born v u v Thank you so much for playing and liking this game woo!!

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Oh dear. It's such a beautiful story.

How the strangers beacame rivals and then friends and then couple :). I almost cried. 

They are from a bit different worlds. But they totally don't care. And love is stronger.

Very nice graphic style. With good looking CGs, backgrounds and sprites

Very nice plot. I like it a lot even since I usually don't like kinectic novels :) 

Oh wow thank you so much for your kind comment! We're super happy to hear that you liked the story albeit it being a short one! You give us great support! <3

Thank you for this game!!!! I love it!

No, thank YOU for reading through it and loving it! We're SUPER glad that there are people that actually like these, which encourages us to make even more! Please look forward to any of our upcoming works in the future :) We need more yuri VNs!!!

Deleted post

We apologize for the text colors and we're saddened that it was enough of an obstacle to stop you from reading through From Salt to Sugar, however due to our busy schedule and the small scale of this kinetic novel, we are not able to fix this issue anytime soon, if ever.

Feel free to read through our other one though, Natsumi & Fuyuko: All That's Inbetween, as it has easier to read font colors :) We're sorry again for the inconvenience, and we'll be sure to fix this issue in our next novel!

This is so cute!! I loved playing this novel so much! The background music went well with the visuals, and I love the artwork!!

I'd love to see more of these characters in a series!! It'd be great to hear more about Kaede, she's so lovable and since she wasn't a main character in this story, we didn't get to know much about her.


We thank you so much for enjoying our novel! These words really mean a whole lot to us so we sincerely thank you! We'll definitely see about expanding more for Kaede!

Hello , first time poster on this site . I really made an account just I could leave you a comment .

I love LOVE LOVE This novel . I agree with both others comments . It must be a serie , cose they are awesome ! and I would love to see more about them .

As for the text colors , I'm sure you guys will surprise us next time :)

how about some vromance for Kaedan? ^___^

and I wouldn't mind seeing some drama between parents from different social class lol .

But anyway , Kudos and Bravos to all who worked on this . I love it and Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful amazing work .

Aaaah!!! Thank you so much for your kind words! We're all super happy and glad that you love this! It really encourages us!! And we're honored that you created an account just to leave this nice comment! ; u ;

I totally loved this game! I think you guys should make a series. Yeah, it was that great.

Thanks so much aaaaah!!! We really appreciate you loving this game!!! It makes us all very happy to hear that! ; u ;

The text is hard to read. The black text for Camille's dialogue is fine, but the other colors don't stand out enough from the background.

Thanks for your feedback! We'll be sure to take note of that in our next game

We fixed some errors from version 1.0, so to those that downloaded that version, please re-download version 1.1 which is now up! Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience;;;