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Natsumi & Fuyuko: All That's Inbetween

Natsumi's only worries were studying, homework, and maybe her future. But when Fuyuko, the new student that transferred in term one, begins to catch her attention, Natsumi soon tumbles into something else.

As Natsumi befriends Fuyuko, what will become of these two's relationship between the summer's end and the winter's start?

This is the (short) story of all that's inbetween, where you can experience their autumn story.

Take an hour (or even less) to enjoy this generic ass cheesy mufucka of a yuri visual novel cause it's bomb, trust .

This visual novel was made for the Yuri Game Jam 2015! Sorry it's really short, we literally decided to do this a week before the original deadline. But since we knew we wouldn't make it, we chose to do a practice one, but then the deadline got extended, so we were like fuck, let's finish it and submit it for the jam.

It's also really generic and cheesy omg I hope you love generic + cheesy.

This is also the first time any of us in the team has done a visual novel, so... if it's lacking in any department, sorry.

We hope you guys enjoy this short and cute yuri visual novel though!

So sorry that there's no choices either aha;;;

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsnatsumi-and-fuyuko, team-anpim, Yuri, yuri-game-jam


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This was a really cute game and seeing how this was the first game you made it was really well done.


Thank you for all your kind comments on this game and the other games!!!! This one is a little rough around the corners but it was, after all, the first game and honestly it still holds a special place in my heart v u v. Thank you for playing through all the games, I'm really grateful and happy!!


Your welcome, now My favorite game was probably Secret Satiation, I think it was the setting? your a vampire in a modern world doing a normal office job.


The Katawa Shoujo torrent file in the images folder is almost as funny as any of the other funny bits in the VN.

Short and sweet.


You know, funny thing is, I didn't know about this until now, now that you pointed it out.... I did some asking around and it seems my other teammates that used to work with me had added that in as a joke without me knowing LMAO. I could take it out, but at this point it's whatever HAHA.

Nonetheless, thank you so much for giving our very first VN a try! It's crazy comparing it to our latest and newer works, and to see how much we've improved! (And thanks for pointing out the Katawa Shoujo file stashed in there.)


good little game , well done :)

Thank you! You can definitely see the improvement from this game to our newer stuff! Crazy how long it's been, it's been 6 years!! WOW 6 YEARS


yes i see between this one and  the most popular girl :) i still need to try out your other games :) you guys are great :)


Art was cool, but the story department was a bit missing I found.

Thank you for your feedback! We've been trying to create even more interesting stories with every year, so I hope you'll stick around for more in the future :') 

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I already experienced most of you VN and they were totaly worthwhile, Of course I'm following closely o/


-Made a Video.

Very nice thanks


Finished the game in 35 minutes really short but i enjoyed it so much! keep up the great work gonna play all of your games because they are all so simple yet good!

<333 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PLAYING THEM AND LIKING THEM!!! Really touches our hearts ; U ; 

Well. You're right this story is cheesy and generic. And also very simple, short, linear and a bit silly. But I really enjoyed it. It's b ased on simply sheme stranger-friends-love but it's good this way. And I have to say that sprites looks very good and Cgs are great :)


Thank you sOOOOOO MUCH for playing all our games and enjoyed them!! We ourselves love cheesy, generic, and just good old tried yuri! Thank you for the compliment for the art as well! Our artist works really hard ; u ; We really hope we can make one more complex, but we will really have to see about that haha;;; Thank you once again!!

You're welocome. You are really nice in making yuri games. I'm waiting for next one :)


I was hesitant to try this game due to some of the language used in the description. When I did though I found it was actually really cute. The only disappointment is that the only way to pay for the game is with Paypal. If you would consider setting up another method of payment I would happily buy this and your other game since it looks just as cute as this one.

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Thanks so much for giving our game a shot, even if the description did try to pull you away! We're super stoked that you think our game is cute and that you liked it in the end! Sorry about the Paypal only thing, it's the only option for us at the moment due to some circumstances, I hope you understand!

I feel like you're not giving yourself enough credit. I am quite the fan of the tried and true yuri formula, and this was a great example of one. While you are correct it is a bit typical, the writing was what I expect out of any good Yuri mangaka and the art was quite competent. I'd frankly love to see you try something like this again. Great job.

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words!! We're absolutely speechless from your comment and can't thank you enough! We're super super glad you enjoyed it! Also, we are indeed working on another one for https://itch.io/jam/sugar-sweets-jam ; u ;