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I was hesitant to try this game due to some of the language used in the description. When I did though I found it was actually really cute. The only disappointment is that the only way to pay for the game is with Paypal. If you would consider setting up another method of payment I would happily buy this and your other game since it looks just as cute as this one.

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Thanks so much for giving our game a shot, even if the description did try to pull you away! We're super stoked that you think our game is cute and that you liked it in the end! Sorry about the Paypal only thing, it's the only option for us at the moment due to some circumstances, I hope you understand!

I feel like you're not giving yourself enough credit. I am quite the fan of the tried and true yuri formula, and this was a great example of one. While you are correct it is a bit typical, the writing was what I expect out of any good Yuri mangaka and the art was quite competent. I'd frankly love to see you try something like this again. Great job.

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words!! We're absolutely speechless from your comment and can't thank you enough! We're super super glad you enjoyed it! Also, we are indeed working on another one for ; u ;