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"My dream is to be a model, not a maid!" 

Tanaka Akane is a stubborn and hot-headed 24 year old still chasing her lifetime dream of being a model, but after countless amounts of interviews, she still hasn't landed a permanent modeling job at an agency yet. To make matters worse, she accidentally spills coffee on a rich CEO's daughter and now this stranger demands Akane to be her maid to pay off the damages. How will Akane fare as a maid for this snobby and impossible rich girl? Will she even be able to last a day? Find out by reading "My Dream Is To Be A Model, Not A Maid!"

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It's Team ANPIM here once again joining the Yuri Game Jam! We're back again with a story revolving around adults! Which we all dearly need honestly. Justice for yuri with adult characters!! We say as we go back to a high school setting next game.  Thankfully we were able to work on our visual novel a bit early, so we didn't have to worry about school assignments getting in the way, so we got a lot done stress-free. We even managed to upload the game on time this year again! Wooo! Anyway, we're glad we were able to finish this without rushing! And yes, we kind of used the formula of a "light novel-esque" title again for this year's game, but it fits the best honestly! Whether you love the formula or not, we do hope you'll love this year's entry! And of course, be sure to share this visual novel if you liked it! <3

**Note for playing in Fullscreen only: When playing in fullscreen or past a certain window size, the letters 'e' might look a little bolded when they're not meant to be. We suggest you play at the default window size to avoid this! Alternatively, if you still want to play in fullscreen, you can press "A" key on your keyboard while you're in the game and adjust the Text Size Scaling until it's fixed to your liking. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

May 7, 2022 Update: Simplified Chinese Version uploaded! 有体中文版了 !

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(58 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Anime, Kinetic Novel, Lesbian, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Romance, Yuri, yuri-game-jam


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My Dream Is To Be A Model Not A Maid! Simplified Chinese vers. 简体中文版 - Mac 241 MB
My Dream Is To Be A Model Not A Maid! Simplified Chinese vers. 简体中文版 - PC 276 MB

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Yuri 100/10
Cheesy Story (including some dramas) 100/10

SFW service 1000000000000000/10

Real nice, naisu, naisu.

I don't even know what I'm doing after I drowned into the stories I found out I have 256 pages of Saves for now lolol :Smirk:

Can't wait for more :Thumbs_ups:

And have a nice day, TeamANPIM. :Pray:


Thank you so much for playing through this one! Happy you enjoyed it!!


Omg I  love your damn stories so MUCH, The part where She came back Aoi said she loved her made me CRY!! AHHHH!!!

when will you be releasing a new game?!


Hello! Thank you so much for your interest and anticipation for our games! We've posted a post on our Twitter, but unfortunately, due to major burn out and being really busy, we have made the tough decision to shelve the current game we were making for the Yuri Game Jam 2022 and will release it whenever it's ready. We'll be back next year though (hopefully, most likely)! So stay tuned for... another year :' ) We wholeheartedly apologize for the long wait! For the time being you can replay our old games if you'd like, or venture into the various games from this year's Yuri Game Jam 2022! Thank you once again for understanding and being a patron of our work!

I truly respect your decision and I may replay through your old games and visit those memories! but please let the community know whenever you decide! I'm really excited ^^


I'm basically just, happy. I think your games/visual novels are the things that are keeping me alive.. please make more, but take your guys' time cause more time = more epic/better games :DDDDD 

(( I really love your visual novels please make more I'm beggin-

Thank you so much!! We're trying our best! Definitely have plans to keep making more (despite the lack of time)! Thanks again! <3

You're very welcome :D

Btw, I'm not really forcing you guys to make this kinda stuff but is there gonna be a game where there could be at least one or maybe even two 18+ scenes? That could really spice up some things! :D

(( Tho it doesn't really have to be needed, I could just have my imagination do all the work!

Hope you guys make more of this epik stuff! :D

(2 edits) (+1)

Really loved the dynamic between Aoi and Akane and how despite how different they were on the surface they both were a lot alike and both have ambitions and goals they worked their butts off to succeed which made them super relatable. I loved the humor and also Midori was such a fun character despite the short time she graced us (would be cool to see her again;)). If there was one criticism I have it'd be the one that was brought up in the afterword: the pace. Honestly, while I understand the circumstances for why it happened, but the time skips I felt kind of took away (if just a little bit) opportunities for more storytelling, development and interactions between the two leads that could have been told in those large gaps of time. Regardless, this is the third game I played from this team (first one was I Can't Believe the Most Popular Girl in School is a Lesbian, Just Like Me!" and the second was Love Goes Towards Love) and I enjoyed it just as much as those and can't wait to play whatever comes next and try out more of their previous visual novels.


Thank you for your kind review! And yeah unfortunate about the large time gaps. I would love to do a patch where it fills in those gaps, but sadly I don't have the time for that haha. I actually quite enjoyed writing Midori, and did entertain the idea of doing a small patch where Akane spills coffee on Midori instead and then ahem ahem insert many R-18 scenes between the two cause thats the repayment that Midori would want instead ahem cough cough, but again, priorities v n v, so I'll just keep those imaginations to myself for now haha. Thanks for playing our other games as well! I'm still super surprised that Most Popular Girl in School is still getting views and downloads, and I never have any idea on where people are coming from because itch.io only tells me so much (Okay itch, I get that they're clicking the link BUT WHERE ARE THEY GETTING THE LINK FROM TELL MEEE) 

Once again, THANK YOU! :) It really makes my day to hear that people enjoy our games despite them kinda being niche and the simplicity and cheesiness of them might not necessarily be everyone's cup of tea.

(2 edits) (+1)

Sorry for the late reply. Honestly, I think you should give your games some more credit, they are great and good yuri delights. There is nothing wrong with "simplicity", it is sort of like comfort food; not everything you enjoy has to be some complex 20 Michelin Star caviar meal to be qualified as "good", rather it can be something straightforward that you are familiar with that know you can just kick back, relax and enjoy knowing you can always come back to it, hell it can even surprise you sometimes depending on when you indulge in it. I'm probably not making a lot of sense and probably butchering whatever metaphor I am going for, but you get what I mean. Your games are great and "simplicity" and "cheesiness" aren't always a bad thing. Also, to answer your question about where I found Most Popular Girl in School, it is one of the top popular results on Itchio for the LGBT and Yuri tags, which just shows how much your games (new and old) have resonated with people on this site. 


Thank you so much for the words of encouragement! And letting me know where you found our game from! I really appreciate the communication and reassuring words :') It always helps to have someone dial me back and remind me that simplest is best sometimes :' )


-Made a Video.

"And with that, I'm finally done with all the games you guys have made so far.

Definitely didn't expect this one to take 3 hours to complete and although the story has quite a slow start, it gets better and better as it goes, and even though it's not covering all 95 days, the story has quite a good amount to read. Not too long and not too short.

But anyway, not much else I can say except great game as always! I will patiently wait for the next one to come out :D"

Thank you so much!! And thank you again for making a playthrough of all of our games to date! Really appreciate it, and glad you liked this one!! 


Super late to this one, but I really liked it. Felt like a return to form after the last VN being a tiny bit bland in my experience... Or maybe even my new favourite? ;) Quite liked the pacing of the relationship and the somewhat-wacky premise. The romance felt well earned and well fleshed out by the end, more than in most short VNs I've read. Keep up the good work. ^^


Thank you!! It's okay, better late than never! We're happy to hear that we've redeemed ourselves from last year HAHA. Also super happy to hear that this one might be your new favorite! It means a lot :' ) Hopefully this year's entry will be somewhat okay! Though I have a feeling it might be another slow burn oop, which I really don't want it to be, so I'm racking my brain for ideas and something fresh! Stay tuned and find out when December rolls around! :)


I love this game as much as i love your other games.

Thank you so much!! We hope you like our entry for this year as well! 


Yes, I did enjoy Model as much as I did Love Goes Toward Love. Mayhap because adults are more relatable for me. Tiny nod for Montagne Coffee and its hot barista doesn't hurt either. I can agree that seeing more days would've been better, but obviously time and budget restricts what's possible. Even so, I spent the most time on this VN versus previous ones. And even though we all know who it'll end, my heart still wrenched for Akane when Aoi described her relationship to Midori.

I had the same exact reaction Aoi had to that last CG: immediate nosebleed. Just speechless.


Yay! Happy to hear you enjoyed this one too! I also love my some adult yuri stories too heh. And yessssss we've succeeded in portraying emotions and making the reader feel something haha. On the topic of Midori, I would love to create a spinoff for her too maybe one day haha.

Also, congrats, you've caught up to all our visual novels! Thank you so much for playing through all of them!


As I said on my rating review: I LOVED IT!! It was reaally good, I loved the mature characters and plot, how not everything was just cute but there was also a bit of drama involved at the end that made that very end feel really satisfying and special. The images where beautifully drawn too :) Good job! 1000/10

Thank you so much!!! We're glad that you enjoyed this game! <3


I literally love your games and played every one of them! please make more yuri visual novels like this!!

Also just a personal request could you make one name
Just a star away from the moon 
With a astrology themed yuri novel?


Thank you so much!!! Also, an astrology themed yuri novel huh............ HMMMMMM... INTERESANTE..... We'll think about it! We got loads of ideas, and we really want to make one that's fantasy themed as well! We want to keep making yuri visual novels forever to be honest :')

Please do so! i honestly check every week for your releases! i cant wait!!


Haha, to save you the trouble of checking in every week, we usually upload our new games when the Yuri Game Jam ends, which is usually in December! Although we've only ever made games for the Yuri Game Jam, we'd like to soon create games outside of it maybe -insert eyes emoji- Though that's still a far off dream 

I see! But still cant wait out of it , if you wish to make novels out of yuri , you could try yaoi? i never find any good yaoi visual novels so i'd love to read them as they'd be from you! 

Oh haha, we only plan on sticking with yuri stories, sorry! I'm sure there are plenty of good yaoi vns out there though, just gotta look in the right places! :)

(1 edit)

"we'd like to soon create games outside of it maybe -insert eyes emoji- Though that's still a far off dream "

Hi :)

Reading this is giving me a smile but I understand that it require time,

If you ever do more than one per year there would be a lot of people happy about it!  (me included obviously!) 😍😍


tell me

is midori getting her own novel too?

sorry for the immediate barrage of questions today lol

Haha, no worries! I would love to write a spin off for Midori like I'm making one for Kaede, but I don't think it would be anytime soon!


Well, well, well. I don't know how you do it, but you continue to impress me. One thing I like about your games is each one has a different menu layout. Part of me found this one slightly more difficult to understand than previous titles but nevermind that. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this game, with another one of my favorite features in your games to be the whole time skipping element, where you never quite stop at the moment they get together, like in other visual novels, but instead choose to show them once they've settled down somewhat. Story, of course, is as great as always, and might even call it the one I liked the most, but it's a heated battle between this and Love Goes Towards Love. 

Anyway, I suppose I don't have much choice but to repeat myself: Excellent job, love your games and can't wait to see what you put out this year.

Thank you once again for the support and love for our games!! <3333


I almost cried with this game, i love your games, they have a really nice story, nice characters, nice music, everything, i just randomly came across most popular girl in school, and i liked it so much that i also played this one, and now i'm curious about, like, all the games, so i'll probably play all of them, keep up the good work and take your time doing these awesome games <3

Aaaah thank you so much!! Super appreciative that you gave our game a chance! We hope you like our other games! (Though they might decline in quality if you're playing newest to oldest haha. You can really see the improvement throughout the years) But enjoy nonetheless! 

(1 edit) (+1)

Ah man I don't even have to read the description before hitting download, I know y'all will never disappoint! Also, the soundtrack is an absolute banger. Looking forward to your future works, stay safe!

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoyed this game! And wooo glad you liked the soundtrack! You can find the direct link to each song used in the Credits section in the game!


thanks to this, i've binge-played all your guys' VNs in about a day. you guys are absolutely amazing, i can see how much work and improvement these have all gone through– i'll be looking forward to what team anpim releases next!!!!

Woah!! Thank you so much! Hope you had a good experience playing all our games! <3 


Your work has really grown over the years.  I admit I was a little skeptical of the premise this time, but this latest VN has some of your most thoughtful and mature character writing so far.  The beach scene in particular was very memorable and served to elevate the experience. Damn fine job, and I hope to see another novel from you this year.


Thank you! And thank you for noticing our progress throughout the years <3 We personally really love the beach scene too ; u ; We hope to meet your expectations this year! 


You're welcome, and thank you for continuing to make these quality VNs every year.

I gave some thought to what I think could be improved this time, and I think I would say Aoi's early characterization was a bit jarring.  She is depicted as very, VERY angry, violent, and cruel in the first act, which I felt didn't totally mesh with how she is portrayed after Akane moves in.  She feels a bit like a rough draft version of herself that wasn't fully polished.  Aoi never blows up like that again and they never talk about it, so it always felt kind of like an elephant in the room to me.

I really have no other real complaints, though.  Great job overall.


You guys nail all yuri settings! Whether it's at school or a more mature setting, the stories reel me in. I love when there is a balanced mix of romance, comedy, conflict, and resolutions and all your games so far have that. I love the characters very much.

Thank you! <3 We appreciate your support and love for our characters! 

(1 edit) (+1)

Y'all did it again with a banging visual novel. While reading this, I have cried and audibly expressed my emotions which startled my cat. The only issue I had with it was that it made me want to reread all the other visual novels created by Team ANPIM, so thanks for that. But I really can't wait to see what yuri master piece will come next.

BTW I felt smart getting some of the fun facts right. Genuinely have a nice rest of the year (and the ones after) and hope to see you again sometime in the future. Thank you.


WOOOOOOO!!! Thank you so much!! Super super glad that you liked our newest game! Our older games are always here for you to replay over and over again ; u ; It's always a surprise to hear people get emotional while playing our games and it really makes it feel like we really succeeded in doing a good job, so thank you!! <3 

And NICE!! Happy to hear that people got the references/easter eggs that we put into our games LOL. We hope you also have a great new year!! <3


ahh yesss thank you so much for your hard work ! team anpim visual novels always bring me such joy, i really enjoyed this year's submission--thank you again for giving it your all and sharing this with your fans and new comers :D 

Thank you so much for the continuous support! Happy to hear that you liked this year's game as well <3 


I'm late to writing a review of the game due to being sick, but I'd have to be truly dying to not write a few words about one of my favorite games of the year. 

My Dream is to be a Model, not a Maid! has a strong focus on our two main characters. Aoi and Akane. Two girls who appear to be almost incompatible in every way. Our story starts off with an accident leading to Akane becoming a maid for Ms. Mikawa, and through time, we begin to see them grow beyond that of just an "employer and employee" relationship. I won't go further into the details than that. It's a journey worth experiencing for yourself to thee end. My emotional attachment to the characters grew through each encounter, and while I was happy by the end of the game, I was left wanting more. 

Akane who goes from ""I'm hot, I'm cute, I'm pretty. What more could they ask for?"" to being humbled as a maid and friend to Aoi is a great story and one worth listening to. The character art and backgrounds made me feel immersed in each scene, with my only gripe being that I would like to see more CG's! (I know there's already a fair amount for such a short game, but I loved all of them so much.) Each piece of music was relaxed, and managed to fit the atmosphere of each environment. The dialogue is written well enough to have you laughing, and then later focusing on every word in anticipation of what happens next. My total play time came to two and half hours, which exceeds many short games that I play. I had no problems with the pacing, it was very rare that I had wanted to get through a conversation quicker. 

Team Anpim gets a 5/5 from me, for writing a fantastic love story that isn't between high schoolers. They're even my same age!(‐^ ▽ ^‐)I also wanted to say thank you for the "Afterwords". I loved getting more context about your decisions with the game, and your thoughts about it.


Thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so much for the playthrough video with commentary and your very positive feedback! We appreciate your love for our game and this extended comment here! No worries about being late, your health comes first :') 

We watched through your entire playthrough when it first came out and we were so glad you liked it! It was very entertaining watching you play it, I literally watched it in one sitting haha. We also would have loved to put more CGs in, but alas, time v n v. Thank you once again for making a video about our game and leaving such lovely words here on itch.io! And we hope you heal up (I did recall you saying you had a sore throat while playing through our game) soon enough! :) 

If you'd like as well, do please check out some of our other recent games! If you do, we hope you enjoy them just as much as you did "My Dream Is To Be A Model, Not A Maid!". We highly recommend our most popular one (no pun intended): "I Can't Believe The Most Popular Girl In School Is A Lesbian, Just Like Me!" though unfortunately it's not featuring adult characters haha. 

Thank you again one last time for all your amazing efforts playing through the Yuri Game Jam games and supporting us all! <3


It was lovely to see the Cafe from "Love Goes Toward Love", bringing more girls together.
Now I wonder if the Cafe serves any baked goods, possibly from a familiar face...
Not to mention, didn't a certain someone who loves red also work in a company office?
TeamANPIM are you secretly creating a whole connected world? 


Oh my god, you're right LOL. Everything is connected. I actually totally forgot that I also had a certain someone work in a company office as well LOL. I do try to include little easter eggs here and there hehe. I guess we now know that they are all somehow connected! 


ah yes, more yuri. thank you for making these

You're welcome!! Hope you enjoy this one as well as our previous games if you do end up playing them! Also love your icon and name haha


After playing your other Yuri visual novel, I am happy to find this.

Thank you! I hope you have fun playing through this one!


Ahhh~ I've been looking forward to your next game for a while. Your stories are always so enjoyable!! I really liked the adult yuri scenario as it is nice to see non-high schoolers find love too. This was so good, making me literally laugh out loud at times and even got me to cry a little at the end--happy tears. I can't wait for next year's VN!!!


Yessss, more love for adult oriented yuri!! Glad to hear that you liked this year's game as well! <3

(1 edit) (+1)

amazing visual novel  i love it :) it was good to see again the café from "love goes towards love" once again thought it would have been fun to actually see Juri or Romi :)

seeing the email about this new visual novel from you made me eager to play it as fast as i could

remember before when i asked you about paypal and you told me that option which allowed me to give my support to Secret's Satiation and One Lonesome two, well that option is gone from their page so this time i cannot give my support ,it makes me a little sad but there is nothing i can do about it ,not gonna explain on a public chat either why i can't use paypal it's not the place

anyway great job and waiting patiently for the next one 

(1 edit) (+1)

It's okay, we all have our circumstances! Just having you play through our games and loving it means so much to us already! Thank you for checking out our game this year as well! If I may though, are you able to spoiler or take the CG screenshot out of your original post? I don't want to spoil it for those that haven't played! Thank you again though, and please do look forward to our next game! :)

Edit: Though I guess the picture is hidden by the Read More break HAHA. Maybe mark it as spoiler or something 


right i'm sorry for the screenshot :( 

i just deleted it now

surely looking forward for the next visual novel :)


wow. what a visual novel, it was great from the start to the end and i cant think of anything to improve upon please keep up the good work!!!

Thank you!! We hope we can meet those expectations for our next game!


Great game as usual - over the years I've been looking forward to your Yuri Game Jam submissions!!

Thank you so much!! It really makes us happy to hear that our games are sought out and anticipated! After years of submitting to the Yuri Game Jam, it's become a yearly ritual and I can't imagine NOT submitting ever haha


This was such an amazing visual novel, I really loved it!! Thanks so much for blessing this world with a wonderful story ^_^ The art is beautiful, the characters are lovable and well-explored, the music used was also great, the dialogue and writing is superb, the humor that's sprinkled everywhere complements everything especially the light novel feeling and the vibe overall is just *chef's kiss*, again as usual, Team Anpim delivers an extremely enjoyable game!!! :D This is a pretty long comment but no matter how much I write, it won't capture how much I love this game, like your other games!!! I saw in the afterword about how it was like this game combined many elements of the previous games and yeah, I felt that as well, maybe that's another reason why this was A+++!! Sorry, this was pretty long, TLDR thanks for making this perfect visual novel!! :) 

Thank you so so so so much for your kind words!! <3 Thank you for enjoying our games, and I'm super grateful this year's reached your expectations! 


You’re welcome and thanks for making these games too :D this year’s also exceeded my expectations really ^-^