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"A thousand times the worse to want thy light.
Love goes toward love as schoolboys from their books,
But love from love, toward school with heavy looks"

When a new cafe opens right in front of the one Chiyoda Juri works at, tensions begin to rise between the two competing owners. After a fateful encounter, Juri falls in love at first sight with the beautiful and charismatic stranger that saved her life—who just so happens to be the new worker at the rivalling cafe. To make matters worse, her savior already has eyes on someone else! How will Juri deal with these overflowing feelings for someone she shouldn’t have feelings for? 

Find out by taking a sip out of  "Love Goes Toward Love"!


Hello once again!! This is Team ANPIM here with an entry for the Yuri Game Jam 2020. Thanks to the extended deadline, we made it on time (Also thanks to CEO for putting this game before her school assignments)!!!  This year's game is more on the simpler side, but we hope you still love it nonetheless! It's very lightly based off of a certain classic tale, so kudos to you if you spot the little references here and there! Even though this year's game isn't on par with the wildness of last year's game, we hope that you still enjoyed it! And if it wasn't your cup of tea (or rather, coffee), we hope that we still have your faith in us as we strive for something better next year!

Once again, we thank you so much for all the support we receive for our kinetic novels! Have fun reading Love Goes Toward Love, and as always, make sure to play our previous games if you haven't, share the game, and spread the word! <3

** The game's default volume and sfx is set to max, so please be aware the music might be really loud upon opening the game! You can lower it in "Preferences".

12/06/20 Edit v1.1: Fixed something in the writing after doing some more research on coffee making :')

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Anime, Kinetic Novel, LGBT, Yuri, yuri-game-jam


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Love Goes Toward Love v1.1 - Simplified Chinese vers. 简体中文版 - Mac 170 MB

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-Made a Video.

"This put a smile on my face :)"

Thank you for creating a playthrough of our game once again!! Glad that it put a smile on your face! <3


I love Romio and Juriette, it's my favorite lesbian romance story by the famous Japanese playwright Lilyium Shakespeare




This was sooo good. Maybe it was a simpler story, but once Juri and Romi started talking after formally introducing themselves, I was hooked and finished it all in 1 session.

I think 1 key thing I really liked was that since Juri and Romi can't see each other during the day (for the most part), they always had to plan to meet or do something outside of work. This leads to different situations which leads to more varied conversations. And I don't know why/how, but the story flowed quite well and is evenly paced. Maybe simply more text between the women making it seem like the love at least took a little longer to form than previous games. I do believe this is my new favorite.

Unless Model, Not A Maid replaces it, lol. Then I'll be all caught up and waiting for this year's entry.

PS. I'd pay good money for that possible R18 scene... especially if it got made for Secret Satiation. Lady vampire...


Woah thank you so much! I hope you also noticed the little Romeo and Juliet references sprinkled into the VN as well (if you didn't that's also totally okay)! Hope you have fun playing Model Not Maid just as much as you did this one! Hmmmmm R18 scene :)))))))) Maybe one day....................................... eyes emoji


tell me chisato and megumi dated and i'll love this novel like how i loved ICBTMPGISIALJLM

OF COURSE THEY DIDDDD!!!!!!!!! You heard it here first, folks, they might got some history with each other ;) But will they have a future with each other? Who knows~ 

(1 edit) (+1)

Yep. Third one I played and it's just as good as the others, if not better.

I can't praise your team highly enough for coming up with these games, characters and stories. As much as I'm glad that this has more than 2 characters who aren't a silhouette, it still captures that charm, with a small story involving a few people, which doesn't really have any consequences to anybody else in the game's universe, but just feels nice to be a part of, even if it is entirely fictional.

Another thing I liked was the sudden perspective shift around the end of the game. I haven't played your latest title, in fact, it's sitting in my downloads for after I finish writing this comment, but I do hope it's something you do more often. I'll also review MDITBAMNAM once I'm done with it, but I can't get enough of your work. Looking forward to see what you put out in 2022. Oh, and while I'm still writing this, it's nice to see creators actually taking time to reply to positive comments on here, even if it's a simple "Thank you", so keep up with that, it's appreciated.

Thank you so much! Glad to hear you're having fun binging all our games <3 In retrospect I think the perspective change in this game was executed a little too poorly, but we hope to change that in the next game that does utilize it! Thanks for liking it though! 

And no problem for the replies! I love hearing and seeing that people love our games, and the continuous nice  comments  (and even the comments with constructive criticism) and support fuels me to create even better games :') Joining the very first Yuri Game Jam was a spur of the moment thing, and it's evolved into something bigger and something that I love to do oh so much, so knowing that people actually like our games is like WOAH INCREDIBLE!! I appreciate all the comments I get, so thank YOU for taking the time to leave such positive and nice feedback on our games <3


Yayy! This one was so adorable and cheesy, but that's what I love. Beautiful soundtrack, art and atmosphere as the previous one I played. Thank you for another heartwarming experience that made me cry with tears of joy <3


Thank you so much!!! Thanks for enjoying our game!!

(1 edit) (+1)

Really nice short story (a big 1h). art is good, characters are well done. Thanks !

Thank you! and thanks for playing! :)

(2 edits) (+1)

After playing My Dream is to be a Model, not a Maid! I knew I had to come back and play some of Team Anpims previous works. If you can forgive some of my horrible mispronunciations in the video, I'd like to write a few words about my experience.

With in the first ten minutes of the game, Juri was established as a character that many can relate to. Being in your early twenties, not having been in a relationship for awhile after feeling burnt out with the last one, asking if you could lay in bed forever and then you end up being late to work. These are all things I have felt in my life, perhaps you have too.

Our two main characters meet through Romi, a tall, beautiful, and handsome lady saving Juri who is rushing to get to her job and neglects to check both ways before crossing the street. While a bit of a cliché opening to our story, it leads to these two girls meeting and building a connection together through their shared experience; with many to follow. I quite enjoyed the interactions they have that are only possible because of their jobs. Their backstories and motivation behind their line of work are humble and down to earth. It's refreshing to hear about two everyday people finding something they are passionate about that isn't some crazy far off dream. 

I would like to once again, compliment Team Anpim on making a novel that a twenty something year old can respect and appreciate. There will always be certain elements stretched out for story purposes, (i.e Juri being so DENSE sometimes) but many of the small interactions feel like they could actually happen. Overall, it took me just under two and a half hours to complete the entirety of the story. The pacing is great, it never feels like a scene goes on for far too long. With the humor being a big positive for me, I'm able to genuinely laugh many times through out. Moving onto the art of the game, I would comment that it's consistent. If anything, maybe on the safer side. One theme I've noticed, at least in the two newest games, is that Anpim doesn't draw male characters in at all. Not that this is a negative, but I'm curious to see how their style would translate. My favorite moments are often whenever there's a CG being displayed. It never manages to not capture the magic of the moment.

Managing to write more than I intended, I'll share my closing thoughts. This was another high quality wholesome Yuri story. It never leans too heavily on private intimate encounters to show love between to characters, instead opting for the small moments in life that build a long lasting connection. Thank you again for another wonderful reading experience, I'm eagerly looking forward to whatever your next project will be. Even if it's a year away.

Woww!! Thank you so much again for the in depth game review and game playthrough with commentary! Will definitely watch the whole thing when we find time :) P.S: Based off your added comment on the video, Juri's name is actually pronounced Juri, with a J (cause you know, Juliet and all), so you're correct! 

Thank you for noticing our efforts in the art and our visual novels as a whole! And of course, thank you for loving this one just as much as My Dream Is To Be A Model, Not A Maid! <3 Also glad we could bring a laugh to you while you play our games! Thank you once again for all the support and love!!! 

Oh thank goodness. I'm glad I wasn't horribly butchering her name. I felt really bad about it because I googled the name afterwards and it said it should be said like Yuri.  Hopefully you'll enjoy the video! I had a fun time playing it.

Just finished watching the playthrough and again we love your videos!! Thanks again for the commented playthrough! Loved hearing your thoughts as you play and glad to hear that you love our games!  We do would love to make a mini game revolving around Romi cause like you mentioned, there were some points we never addressed like her family life, etc. Watching your video made us realize how some of the things regarding Romi weren't really executed well hmmmmm oh well LOL. It could be expanded through a mini side story or some sort! 

Thank you once again for your hard work and support, thank you thank you thank you!! <3


I would love to see an After Story for her and Juri. Maybe explore how her family reacts to Romi being engaged to another woman. You can also show their wedding day, and them opening up a coffee shop together at the end. It would be cute.

Thanks for watching my video and listening to my feedback. I appreciate y'all making such awesome games.


The flow of your stories are always so natural, fantastic art and great work once again!


Oh thank you so much!!! I'm glad the stories flow well! I feel like that's always the biggest thing I worry about haha

(2 edits) (+1)

A very nice story. I also liked the theme (probably because I love coffee) and the fact that it was a relaxing  read. It was also nice to find a story that would suit more adult characters and not just high school students, there aren't many of this style this well done, so thanks for creating it :)

PS: I forgot to say that I loved how the characters and scenes were drawn


Thank you!! It's great to hear you enjoyed our game and the theme! And yes, we totally agree we need more yuri revolving adults! Your praise is forever appreciated :')


Trigger Warning for alcohol (mentioned)

It's kinda a major part of the story. Just a heads up.


all your games are fantastic, hope you are doing well =)   

PS. not having R18 scenes will never make a great story bad, i noticed on your afterwards that you have mentions of them but i would not fret weather they are there or not to much!


Thank you so much! And yeah haha better no R18 scenes than a badly written one am I right


I have now read through all of your games and I loved them all from beginning to end! Thank you so much for making these every year. :) I will continue to support you and I really look forward to reading your future works. <3


WOWWWWW Thank you so much for all the support you've given, we appreciate every bit of it!! <3 And of course, thank you so much for giving our games a chance and even loving all of them THAT MEANS A LOT REALLY!! :')


Hello, I've made an account specifically to comment on this game. I have been reading through all your novels the past few days and this has been the cutest stuff that I've ever read the artstyle and the stories are just so cute I can't my heart is brrrrrrr


!!! Thank you for going through the trouble of creating an account just to comment on this game!! <3 And of course, thank you so much for the love given to all of our visual/kinetic novels!! It makes us strive to create an even better game for next time! :)


Color version :)


hello team ANPIM :) i dont know anything about coffee but it was interesting to watch a story in the world of coffee , it make me remember a few years ago i was traveling in Thailand and was looking for a gift for my brother(he is a coffee lover ) i spotted a coffee that caught my interest ,i dont remember what kind of coffee it was but it was mixed with rice ! i had to try it ! the taste was interesting :) i finished another fan art  :) i wanted to draw Juri from your sprite "casual happy" i think it's ok but the face ended up something completely different from Juri face..i hope you will still like it :)


Thank you so much for the fan art!!! These look incredible thank you thank you so much!!! <3 

(1 edit) (+1)

thank you for liking them :) i love doing this :) <3


Oh no, I'm so late! >.< I totally forgot to check the Yuri Game Jam. So when I realized, the first thing I did was of course to check for a new Team ANPIM game. <3

I downloaded this one without looking at anything and hopped into it totally blind. Love Goes Toward Love was another great read! You always deliver.
A cheesy game, you say? More like a whole cheese wheel. xD This one is exactly what it says on the lid, I suppose. It was very enjoyable once more. I think you did just fine, making this story about adults. We can always use more stories that aren't about Highschoolers. Not that there's anything wrong with those, it's just that so many "weeby" works are set in Highschool, so variety is always welcome.
I read this game in two sessions and stayed up way too late, considering I had work the next day both times. But just like our characters during their night out, I couldn't stop myself.^^

Some thoughts:
Good job with the inside joke of repaying the "life debt". Little things like this make stories more believable and entertaining at the same time.
"Nevermind always makes me antsy." This! I was like "I know, right?" when Juri thought that. Mh, good! I can't explain why, but I loved this detail. "Nevermind" really is a pain in the butt.
I wondered for a while what the deal was with the unusual first-aid kit that Juri carries. But then, when Romi cut her finger and Juri was all like "It's showtime", I got totally hyped. ^^ Nice idea.

While I loved the whole game, I do also have a tiny bit of criticism or suggestions this time:
I noticed that the text would sometimes break with the present tense that it is written in. It's not a big deal and I realize that checking every line is a lot of work, especially for a game that's offered for free. But I thought I'd still at least mention it for the future. When a sentence is suddenly in past tense, it does break the flow of reading - more so than a simple typo would.
My other point is more important, and it's about the Romi POV part. I usually appreciate multiple points of view in a story, and I love that you used first person perspective for both. It's just the best. However, this time, I would have preferred not getting that second POV. It was good, don't get me wrong. But I don't think it was worth it to stray from the established POV for just this one scene. It didn't include anything major that had to be shown in this way, and you didn't switch perspectives anywhere else. I think, in order to keep the story as immersive as possible, the author should ideally never give the reader any information that the point-of-view character does not have. It's of course normal for that to happen when there are multiple POV characters, and it has its own advantages and lets the writer set up cool traps and stuff. For this particular Kinetic Novel, though, the sudden and short change of POV did more harm than good, imho. The scene itself was great, but considering that a POV change kind of "derails" the reader, it carries a certain risk. Especially in this story, where we get to know all characters solely because of their interactions with Juri, the Romi POV scene stands out a lot. I think having more than one POV makes more sense when it changes regularly throughout the story's progression, when the story is split into chapters or when the POVs focus on (mostly) separate storylines. TL;DR: The decision to switch the POV should be a conscious one. But - that's just my general advice. The most important thing is that you write what you want to write. That's what we're all here for, after all. :)

Finally, I looove the whole afterword! Thank you for sharing those personal thoughts and the details about how the game came to be. The sacrifices we make for the sake of yuri... ;)
Actually, since you mentioned your studies, I got a bit of trivia to share. A few semesters ago, there was this really boring lecture at my university. I ended up bringing my laptop - not because I needed it, but for entertainment. So I picked a lonesome seat in the very back and put on "From Salt to Sugar". It felt so wrong yet so right, haha. Good times.

Thank you once again for your dedication. I'm very much looking forward to the next entry! :D



Thank you so much for the continuous support and love for our games! And of course, thank you very much for the very in depth feedback! <3 It's been lingering in my mind for a while now but yes the POV change was quite sudden and too short to be of any significance in retrospect v n v But oh well! And wowow!! We all love sacrificing school for yuri LOL Hope it was more entertaining than the lecture you had to sit through haha. 

Once again, thank you very much for your feedback! <3

(3 edits) (+1)

I agree that the Romi POV section was a weak point.  I felt like it suddenly diminished the tension around what Romi was thinking or doing during those few days, when we really should have stuck with Juri and found out along with her.  

Now what I think would be neat would be to see the entire story from the beginning from Romi's POV, after completing Juri's side of it (or even when the existing POV switch happens, to build up even more tension before the climax).  Romi is cool and guarded for most of the game, so it would be interesting to see what is going on behind the mask all that time.  Extra content maybe?  :)


Oooh, having the entire story told through Romi's POV would be interesting. Ideas are already popping through my head haha. Extra content -insert eye emoji-


this is a really good story :) i love all your Visual Novels :)  i think i will do another fanart of characters of your games not sure which one yet though , i cant wait to see the next visual novel <3


Thank you! I ended up appreciating this one too, but unfortunately it didn't get as much exposure compared to the previous one haha

really? that's strange to me it look as good as the others :)


I think your afterword sells your work short.  This is a fantastic slow burn.  Really very well done.

Thank you so much for the reassurance! Maybe things were just getting to my head due to stress/worry/anxiety haha. 


Thank you so much for this game and the ones you made before!!  They're amazing and they never fail to put a smile on my face ^-^ I hope you don't mind if I made some fan art of your games lol. Your stories, art and characters are so lovable, I'm a big fan of your work Team Anpim, I'll keep supporting you no matter what you release, I still extremely enjoyed this game even though its feel was different from the previous games (and it's refreshing to see some variety once in a while lolol)! Thanks so much for your constant quality Yuri content :D

Thank you so much for all your continuous support of our games! And of course, yes!!! You are absolutely welcome to draw fan art for our games!! If you're posting it on Twitter, make sure to mention @Team_ANPIM so we can see and share your beautiful work! :) 


I really enjoyed the the color palette and overall aesthetic!  I love how the characters are both details and soft, almost water-colory.  Great work!

Thank you so much!! <3


Im a simple Yuri Lover. I see Team AMPIM i download .....aaaaaand its 6 am and im finished and smiling as always :)

Wooo! Happy to hear that people recognize us and love our games!! <3


Nice game! The art is really pretty, the character designs remind me a lot of like, nakatani nio's works? The story was fairly chill but that's fine cuz of what the feel of the game was. I think maybe introducing the PoV shift came a bit late and you could have had a bit of it from Romi's PoV earlier, as it was fairly short too. Also it felt like the text in the text box was a bit too small as opposed to the size of the box itself which felt a bit odd. I didn't see an option to make it bigger.

Minor issues aside I quite liked it, good job!


Thank you for the reading through and for the solid feedback! We'll definitely take note of it for our next game! :) 


Downloaded it for free, playread through it, and it's sweet and cute. I really like my dorky MC girl here. ;) Came back to leave a little change on the counter, can't hurt.

PS.: I remember you now.. Not by your name, but by the VNs you have created... I've actually read every last one of them! :) Anyway, this kind of hearwarming, cute litte Yuri story is much appreciated. Maybe more so that you expected?


Wowoww!! Thank you for being a long time reader of our VNs! And of course, thank you for checking this one out! :) We appreciate each and every donation we get so also a big thanks to you for that <3 And yesss we all need cute and fluffy and cheesy VNs from time to time haha


I played through the game with a friend and we both loved it! The little things such as the sounds really added up and made the game even more special :). Thank you so much for putting in all the hard work to make such a great game!

Thank you so much for the love! <3


wow i've waiting for you to release another game for a long time, thank you for your hardwork! your game is great!

Thank you for waiting! I can't believe it's been one whole year since our last game wow


Oh my gosh thank you so much ! One of my favorite, so cheesy I love it. The character design is great, the story line is awesome. I look forward for your work next year and I hope you'll continue this for many many many years :D Have a good day team ANPIM!

Woooo thank you so much!! It's great to hear that you enjoyed it!! We all love that good ol cheese in our yuri games ; u ;


Just wanted to say this year's entry was not a downgrade at all since I saw the bit about that in the afterword messages. This is another great heartwarming yuri game from you and I'm looking forward to what you make in the future!

Thank you for the kind words!! It's really relieving to hear that we're still doing okay! <3 And thank you again for giving Love Goes Toward Love a read! :)


Honestly what can I say, this was a very sweet read and I especially enjoyed the art! I love the relationship dynamic between the two character and their romance!! tysm for making this :-) 

Thank you so much!! We're very glad that you enjoyed it! Very heart warming to hear that ; u ; 


Great read! Really enjoy all of Team ANPIM's works, I know it'll be lighthearted (and a bit cheesy) but it's just as expected and the style I've come to enjoy and bring a smile to the reader's face!

Thank you so much!! And yesss haha we've definitely built a brand off creating cheesy yuri stories, but that's what we wanted from the beginning so it worked out well :' ) Thank you again for reading our works!! <3