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Mizutani Hinata is known as the "Silent Beauty" among her classmates, but little do they know, she's just a semi-perverted lesbian hiding inside. She keeps the image up to not ruin her social standing, but her facade gets permeated when the most popular girl in school confronts her about her sexuality. The two girls grow together from a preposterous agreement and little do they know, they soon start catching feelings. But will the two be able to stay together when secrets leak out and egos are at stake? 

Find out by taking a short read through "I Can't Believe the Most Popular Girl in School is a Lesbian, Just Like Me!" ! 


**Ver. 1.4 update: Fixed not a sentence this time but a stray period......*

Whew! We finally finished this kinetic novel..... two weeks after the Yuri Game Jam 2019 has ended... A new record...

Due to our busy schedules, we were unable to release this by the due date of Yuri Game Jam 2019, but we still wanted to make it in even if it meant being late!! 

This year's story is a little more adventurous kind of, though it still packs the same cheesiness as our previous entries. At first we wanted an absolutely ridiculous plot and literally make a joke game. However, it ended up being tamer than what we envisioned. Due to the lack of time to work on this game, the game might be lackluster, we sincerely apologize for that if you find it so! We are so sorry if you find that it's a downgrade from our 2018 kinetic novel ; n ; As previously mentioned, this started off with a very ludicrous plot! But due to old habits, it ended up being cheesy and fluffy, our specialty! 

With all that said, we do still hope you enjoy this year's kinetic novel! And please don't hesitate to leave feedback! :)


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This was so sweet and heartwarming to read. I love how teasing Hana is and that Hinata occasionally turns the tables on her with it. I'll definitely be checking out other releases.

Thank you so much! Hope you like the other ones as well :)


The story is just PERFECT. Every single words really make up the story. Even though the game is not too long, it feels like you've been reading their stories for hours. Their story is really touching and really gave me  a comfortable feeling. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful game. Even tho I'm not gay, I guess I would support it. :D

Thank you so much for the praise!! We're super happy you enjoyed it thoroughly <3


I just played this game and it really got me I really really like the story line it was really well made I totally recommend😌👍🏾


Wooo thank you so much!! :)


Hello! I recently just finished playing the game, and i don't think i have ever been this amazed by a Visual Novel. I play a lot of Visual Novels often, but this one hit me a certain way. Maybe because the fact that i am a desperate lesbian myself but we do not talk about that-

Although some parts irked me, i have completely fallen in love with this VN. So i must ask, is there any place that i may be able to send Fanart to you? Or somewhere where you would be able to see it.

My apologies if it's already written somewhere or somebody has already asked this, i made an account specifically so i could ask this question and i went through some comments, i'm not very knowledgable about this site, either.
(or if anyone could tell me thatd be great too)

Thank you so much for the support! <3 We're super glad you liked it and even have given it such a high praise ; u ; THANK YOU!!

As for fanart, you can post it on twitter and @ us at @Team_ANPIM :D We would love to see your art!! <3 Or if you don't have a twitter, I believe copy and pasting a photo onto the comment section here works as well if I remember correctly.

Thank you so much again, and we're looking forward to seeing your amazing art!!! WOO!!!

i think it broken because not let me save but I saw a walkthrough of game and I love it

make more game u good

Oh I'm so sorry that happened! I just tried it myself and it seemed to have saved fine, so I'm not too sure what the issue here is :( But thank you for trying and watching a playthrough! Thank you for the support! :)






thank you sm for creating this amazing visual novel !

Thank you so much!! We're super happy to hear that you loved it aaah!!! ; u ; <3


really cool game , i enjoyed playing it <33


Thank you! :)


I've played every of your yuri VNs, and I love this one most. So cute and sweeeeet! 

(Why there's no lesbian around me

Thank you so much! 


This was so cute. I absolutely adored this story! I enjoyed this so much and am so happy with how it ended. The writing and the artwork were so beautiful. I can't wait to see more like this!


Thank you so much for your kind words! <3 There's bound to be more cheesy and fluffy yuri to come! :')

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Beautiful story! Absolutely amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed every line! I laughed, I cried, and felt totally attached to both of these characters. This is definitely in my top 5 of Visual novels and I have played over 50 of them. I would love a sequel from the time they went to college. I love cheesy and fluffy lesbian visual novels!

It's super reassuring to hear that you loved the story! This one turned out a lot better than I expected, and I'm super honored that this sits in your top 5!! 

Thank you. And it will remain there forever more!

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So cute, its just too bad this isnt a reality for me tho lmao(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

I wish it be like that in real life too ;  A ; but thank you for playing!!


good story and art :) i like this game :)


Thank you so much!! :)


Thank you so much for this vn, man I'm shocked I didn't get diabetes 😆

Just loved it!!!

Ahem, CAN WE GET R-18 SOON?! *puppy eyes*😚😜

Wooo! Thanks for the support! And also hahaha maybe one day ;)))

I've been trying to download this and it either keeps saying it's unavailable (or my firewall blocks the connection), or the download just doesn't start. Is there a direct link to download it like on a Patreon page or something instead?


Ah! Nevermind! I just got it to work haha.


Why does it gotta be so cute !?! >-<


Haha, hope the cuteness didn't kill you!! 


This game is very worth playing for ^_^


Thank you!! :)


You're welcome, keep up the good work :D


This game is soooo cute uwu :') Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with the world!


And thank you for playing our kinetic novel!! Happy you liked it!!  <3


I would love to see a sequel for this game where it goes through their life after high school 


Oooooh very intriguing idea indeed! Maybe in the future!! It'll give us more reason to write college students!!!!

Please do, that would be great! 


this was soo cute i love it sm :D one of my favorites <33


Thank you so much!!! :) Super honored that it made it onto your favorites list!

my antivirus detected problem with the game when i downloaded it, sadly i didnt play:(


Oh oof... Yeah, antivirus programs might flag our file as something sketchy, but I assure you there's nothing in there! Sorry to hear that though, but it's totally understandable if you want to stay on the safer side!! :)

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i supeeeer love it!!!!! 100/10

Thank you so much! <3


I really want more like this and these kind of game is like my addict now! T^T

We hope that we can give you your fix of these games from now  on!! <3


Thanks! Hope there's more games from you coming soon! Cause all your games is really quality!

Me too! It's probably a really sad state of affairs for a 50 year old man to love these as much as I do but I DO! Please, when you can make some more! Or even expand on this Visual Novel! Thank you! 


(loads a kitty bazooka at screen) only thing i need to say is THIS IS BEST AWESOME VN on the itch website!!!!!! (shoots kitty launcher everywhere) rates 1000/10 kitty stars P.S. please make or consider a VN about bridal girlfiends or something similiar would love to see...

WOOOO!! Thank you so much for the support! Super happy to hear that you liked our game and rating!! And yes, we will take note of said bridal girlfriends haha. Would love to do more of what people want to see! <3


sends TEAMANPIM hundreds of kitty grenades for support TY Ty Ty TY!!!!!! P.S. no worries on the support I LOVE YOUR WORK on VN's!!!!!

how do i download- everytime i click download it doesnt work =(( 


Hi there! Once you click on the download button, this should pop up . You should then proceed to click on "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" and you should be able to download either the PC file or Mac file :) Hope this helps! 


I died when he said if you have something against lesbians come and tell me about it because the only truth is that she is my girlfriend and I love her was like the best thing in history

Hahaha glad you liked that part! <3


I love this game so much !! The way ending was adorable and u cant wait to play any other games u have made. The writing was fun to read and i didnt get bored while playing it. 10/10 :D

Ayy thank you so much!!! Hope you have fun playing our other games! <3


Just played the game of yours (well still playing it now, actually, (I can't believe the most popular girl in school is a lesbian just like me.)  Don't want to read the comments in case of spoilers!) I was just wondering why, like over 90% of the Visual Novels I have played in the past are they set with a Japanese-like tones and visuals? Is it a requirement of these types of games, or are you in fact a Japanese company? It's not a criticism, honest, it's just an observational question really. Thanks for a brilliant game! I do hope Hanna and Hinata stay together! Thanks again.

Hope you end up liking it!! 

As for your question, it's because most popular (haha no pun intended) Visual Novels were originated from Japan,  hence the association with Japan and visual novels. Since they were made in Japan, it's most likely the creators set the setting in Japan/have the characters Japanese, their native culture. Of course, there are also a lot of VNs made in Japan by Japanese companies that are set in fantasy settings as well, but due to previous point, there are plenty of VNs made in the west that feature a Japanese setting. 

It is by no means a requirement, just personal taste :) 


Finally played this game! Ever since discovering "Secret Satiation" back in the day, I've come back every year, hoping for a new TeamANPIM VN. Once more, I simply loved it! You did a great job, especially considering you work pretty much completely alone.
The title already gave me some wild expectations for the craziness level in this VN. Within the first few minutes of the playthrough, I thought to myself: "Yup, they're really all out of F's to give this time. This is gonna be awesome." And it was quite a ride, indeed. Loved the 'message from the team' at the end, by the way. Made me appreciate the whole game even more.

All in all, another heartwarming cheesy story. My favorite scene has to be the scary thunderstorm. Hinata comforting Hana and being all protective... my heart could barely contain the joy. <3 They are really cute together.
Also, I'd like to point out a few details I especially liked about your writing. Firstly, there was this short conversation where Hana said that being in the closet was tiring and Hinata thought "I know exactly how that feels." I got the feeling that I really believe you know what you're talking about here. They were only a few simple sentences, but delivered with such confidence (from the author) that I was fully convinced.
Next, the scene where Hana has food stuck on her cheek. I was sure we were headed straight into the ol' reliable trope of "pick it off her face and eat it". However, that's not what happened (even though it would have been cheesy^^) and I appreciated the little surprise there.
And lastly, the final 'arc' of the story where the harassment comes in. I had been pretty much convinced that nothing bad was going to happen in the rest of the story, but then it did. Again, overall quite simple but written with expertise and knowledge. I noticed you wrote that Hinata clenched her fists out of frustration - not out of hate, anger or whatever other word one might have used. I happen to be neither a girl nor gay, so I have never been discriminated against in this exact way, but I have experienced similar things. And therefore I know that frustration is exactly the feeling that comes up in such a situation. You should be able to do something about all the hostility (it's focused on you, after all), but you can't. No matter what you do, you cannot completely fix it. Frustration.

Okay, to end on a lighter note: I love your VNs and enjoy them down to the detail. Please continue bringing us your ambitious projects and keep experimenting. Thank you for your hard work! :)



WOW! Firstly, thanks so much for anticipating each of our new releases!! It really makes us happy to hear that people look forward to our games ; U ; It's really heart warming and makes our day <3

Secondly I'M BLOWN AWAY by the attention to detail LOL And thank you so much for reading the notes at the end of the game haha. We couldn't fit a bonus doodle, so we ended up with words HAHA. 

Thank you so so so so much again for the reply and support!! It really helps with the motivation to keep at it <3


-Made a Video.

"love it, can't wait for another games!"


OMG, I love this hot fair game! Thanks super-persom for dreaming and making this!

Thank you so much for enjoying our game!!!! <3


I really like the improvement for every game that you make. It makes my heart doki doki more. Hahaha!!! You guys are amazing. I'll be rooting for YOU TeamANPIM.

Thank you for noticing the improvements!! It's great to hear that <3


This is the best yuri game ive played so far, love the story sm definitely going to play the rest of your games!<3


also cant wait to see more of your games!

Woah!!?! We're super honored to hear that!! Thanks for giving our game a shot! <3 We hope you enjoy the other games as well! :)


I loved this game!!! my gay heart is so happy >.<

Thank you so much!! We hope it gave you your quick dose of cute fluffy yuri! :)

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I cant figure out how to download it help😭

Hi there! We listed step by step on how to download the game in the imgur link. Sorry for the super low quality of the imgur post but it should still be understandable!


Hope this helps!

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- Me when I finished it

I was totally right. I was extremely hyper while playing this, and I had way too many "I ship it" moments. Now all I need is for puberty to stop (so I know my gayness isn't hormones), come out to my school, and hopefully get a girlfriend lmao. Thank you for making this amazing game! I hope to see more like it!

By the way, are all of your games Yuri games? If so, I'm definitely playing them all, no doubt

!! WOW THANK YOU!! We're glad to have created a couple worth shipping ; u ; And yes!! All our previous games are all yuri games, please check them out when you can! :)


A yuri game with a longer title than ours? :O

Will check this out!

!!?!?!!! A fellow yuri game with a long title?! Nice to meet you! Thank you for checking our game out! Hope you like it!


Thanks for the amazing work, the lineal stroy never felt so fresh.
Hinata is a charismatic character, and hana is annoying at the very beggin, but after the feb 14, she became a truly waifu of the waifu(Hinata).
Keep the work, we support you TeamANPIM

Aaah thank you so much!! We greatly appreciate your support!! 


I thought I lost faith in humanity, but then saw this and my gay heart slapped me back to reality and made me realize humans aren't so bad.


Haha glad to hear your faith in humanity has been restored through yuri :) Yuri is love. Yuri is life.


this is gud

Thank you! 


I'm just finish this plus soooo touching now :'3 It turn out to be a really good one 

Thank you so much! Very happy that you like it!

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Love it

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