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Mizutani Hinata is known as the "Silent Beauty" among her classmates, but little do they know, she's just a semi-perverted lesbian hiding inside. She keeps the image up to not ruin her social standing, but her facade gets permeated when the most popular girl in school confronts her about her sexuality. The two girls grow together from a preposterous agreement and little do they know, they soon start catching feelings. But will the two be able to stay together when secrets leak out and egos are at stake? 

Find out by taking a short read through "I Can't Believe the Most Popular Girl in School is a Lesbian, Just Like Me!" ! 


**Ver. 1.4 update: Fixed not a sentence this time but a stray period......*

Whew! We finally finished this kinetic novel..... two weeks after the Yuri Game Jam 2019 has ended... A new record...

Due to our busy schedules, we were unable to release this by the due date of Yuri Game Jam 2019, but we still wanted to make it in even if it meant being late!! 

This year's story is a little more adventurous kind of, though it still packs the same cheesiness as our previous entries. At first we wanted an absolutely ridiculous plot and literally make a joke game. However, it ended up being tamer than what we envisioned. Due to the lack of time to work on this game, the game might be lackluster, we sincerely apologize for that if you find it so! We are so sorry if you find that it's a downgrade from our 2018 kinetic novel ; n ; As previously mentioned, this started off with a very ludicrous plot! But due to old habits, it ended up being cheesy and fluffy, our specialty! 

With all that said, we do still hope you enjoy this year's kinetic novel! And please don't hesitate to leave feedback! :)


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I cant figure out how to download it help😭

Hi there! We listed step by step on how to download the game in the imgur link. Sorry for the super low quality of the imgur post but it should still be understandable!


Hope this helps!

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- Me when I finished it

I was totally right. I was extremely hyper while playing this, and I had way too many "I ship it" moments. Now all I need is for puberty to stop (so I know my gayness isn't hormones), come out to my school, and hopefully get a girlfriend lmao. Thank you for making this amazing game! I hope to see more like it!

By the way, are all of your games Yuri games? If so, I'm definitely playing them all, no doubt

!! WOW THANK YOU!! We're glad to have created a couple worth shipping ; u ; And yes!! All our previous games are all yuri games, please check them out when you can! :)


A yuri game with a longer title than ours? :O

Will check this out!

!!?!?!!! A fellow yuri game with a long title?! Nice to meet you! Thank you for checking our game out! Hope you like it!


Thanks for the amazing work, the lineal stroy never felt so fresh.
Hinata is a charismatic character, and hana is annoying at the very beggin, but after the feb 14, she became a truly waifu of the waifu(Hinata).
Keep the work, we support you TeamANPIM

Aaah thank you so much!! We greatly appreciate your support!! 


I thought I lost faith in humanity, but then saw this and my gay heart slapped me back to reality and made me realize humans aren't so bad.


Haha glad to hear your faith in humanity has been restored through yuri :) Yuri is love. Yuri is life.


this is gud

Thank you! 


I'm just finish this plus soooo touching now :'3 It turn out to be a really good one 

Thank you so much! Very happy that you like it!

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Love it


I wish this game had DLC and an anime adaptation. It was amazing.


Omg the art is so pretty! I always need more content with cute girls ksdfjaskfaj <3


this was so cute !!!!! i luvd it so much and as a bi girl who usually acts more like hana it was super sweet to see it from a different lesbian perspective owo 

Thank you!! Super happy that you enjoyed it and that it was able to show you something new!

Wish it could be downloaded on Android 🙁

Ah we're so sorry for that! Unfortunately we only have the builds for Windows, Mac, and Linux. We apologize deeply for the inconvenience!


Really love this game >w< it's so sweet!


Thanks for enjoying it!! We hope it gave you plenty of cavities :)


I love this game so much. It's really hard to find good wlw representation in media (at least stuff that I'd also like to watch, I'm not really into watching television) but indie games and visual/kinetic novels have been a huge solace lately. I cried at the sad parts and i cried at the happy parts but i might just be a crybaby slkjgbslkegb. Thank you for creating such great VNs! <3


Thank you again for trying out our games! We really hope we can continue to make more wlw games in the future!! FOR THE SAKE OF YURI!!!


Honestly, cant you guys put your VNs on Steam? or Mangagamer? I would literally pay to have these novels, they are beautifully written and straightforward. Its just my opinion of course.

We would love to, but I think our games are too small of a scale to be worthy of Steam or Mangagamer! :( We're honored to already have itch as a platform we can host them and share them on v u v. Thank you for the suggestion though! Hopefully maybe in the future we'll create a super full length one worthy of being put on Steam! <3


I haven't completed the game yet but I'm very impressed with the quality. The graphics are quite nice, and the story is really heart-warming and I really love it so far. The music is very enjoyable too and overall I've been having a good experience with it. I haven't exactly been playing games much as of late, but this one (even though it's a VN) has me plenty hooked. I'm really surprised to see the realistic Japanese references like "-san", "itadakimasu", "Shibuya", and I like the Easter egg "Yuri" in the train station. Haven't really come across stories with these details that are published in English. Anyway, great job, I love it so far!


Thank you so much for trying out our game! And thank you for noticing the little details we put in our game! There's one more Easter egg, but you'll only really know if you have played our previous game haha. Thanks for the support and we hope you enjoy this one to the end!! <3


Haha. I intend to try the vampire one after I finish this one, I feel like it would be a good experience from the writing in this one and also I like that one's premise!

Oh!! A heads up though, the vampire one is on the older side, released in 2017! But nonetheless, we hope you enjoy that one as well! :)

Ah, I see. Thanks! So when you said there's another Easter Egg, you mean I would only find it if I had played One's Lonesome, Two's Company?

Yes :) 


this was probably one of the best visual novels i have downloaded ever, amazing storyline and very sweet!!!


WOW!! THANK YOU!!!! We're so happy you think that!!! <3 Really encourages us to strive to create even better ones!!


no problem, love ur guys work!! <3


I am nine year old girl no won in meh family are gay or lesbians but I like a girl in meh class she is cute and nice I want to kiss her don’t respond to this i just wanted to get out meh feelings  about her lol I am blushing right now


lol i am nine my mom and dad are not gay or lesbian but I want to be a lesbian sooooooo bad I love 💕 a girl in meh class and I kn


Here we are again, with another spectacular ANPIM game. And boy oh boy has our yuri dealer pulled through (despite the circumstance)!

First off, I need to say that I missed the initial release because I'm not on itch all that often but I'm so glad I stumbled here and saw it on my "recent stuff by authors you follow" bar.

In this game ANPIM goes with the silly overly literal title choice, and the title really does say it all. ICBTMPGISIALJLM...--I'll just call it poples for now--poples definitely fits into the ANPIM collection. It has all those heart throb moments and had me giggling over the two main character's adorableness. The characters have a nice development between eachother, with Hinata eventually falling for Hana who seems to have been trying from the start to cause that. The personalities of the MCs are really nice, I love how they both have their moments of mischievousness, vulnerability, coy, so on, so forth. As for the art, it's great as always: both the CGs and character drawings are great and I'm still loving the blank background character looks that are both defined and featureless. The music choice is good, though one of the tracks is exceptionally louder than the others; not that big of a deal but it was annoying for a little while. Writing is as always adorable, both characters start with a nice nuance where they aren't a perfect archetype which helps. As the story moved forwards I thought that the game would end just after the second big moment (them getting together) but I was happily mistaken; I will never doubt ANPIM again! 

Poples definitely makes for a great yuri game, it has all the good merits and TL;DR it's a great game with good impact romance-wise, with great art and plot. Maybe I'm just an ANPIM junky but I think I can safely say this is a top-tier yuri title.

Hopefully this makes anyone uncertain, sure, if you like yuri: play this game, if you don't: you choose. ANPIM has delivered again and this game with a way too long name is something I'm certain to replay again and again in the future (just like OLTC). My favourite part was certainly Kaneko showing up, I got so hype when I put it together "teacher? gay?... kaneko... KANEKO! I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T NOTICE; IT'S OUR ONCE LONESOME GAY PRETZLEBUN!" gg ANPIM, I didn't see it coming. I imagined Kotone and Hibiki together at the station when Hana mentioned it; Hibiki wearing a chefs hat and making inappropriate jokes.

LOVE YOU ANPIM! Keep up the good work and I hope you the best in your endevours~! I'm glad to see you didn't toss this game after all, thanks Udon for all you've done, have luck with your school and work; I'm so thankful that you still make games for us even with other things on your plate, just remember you will always have fans who love your games, no matter how small or weird they are!



AAAHH!! Thank you so much for playing through one of our games yet again!! <3!! Much love! And we're happy that you caught on with Kaneko sensei hehe. It makes us squeal when people notice the easter eggs we put into our games haha. 

Thank you yet again for your super encouraging and supporting words!! It really touches our hearts ; U ;  coughcough especially since i'm the only one that works on these games now hahaha cough cough We really really hope to continue making more!! 


this was fun and nice, good work! i hope someday we can see the r18 scene u considered adding later, but either way this was enjoyable and a good addition to yuri jam!

Hello!! Thank you so much for playreading through our game! Glad to hear you liked it ; u ; And haha, yes... maybe one day there will be a patch.... one day.......... 


Mh, this was pretty good. I especially loved the part where our protagonists' feelings started getting serious. Good stuff.

Thank you!

Thanks so much! Very happy to hear you enjoyed it :)


heh, Ms. Kaneko from your other game I see XD

Yes!!! Haha!! Thank you for pointing it out! We've been waiting for someone to explicitly call her out LOL! Kotone's last name wasn't really mentioned that often in the game, maybe like once, and then once more in the game summary, so we were afraid people didn't realize it was her! Especially those that never played it, or forgot about the last bonus doodle from the game. Thank you again <3!


haha the orange hair mentioned in the dialogue made me remember! sneaky sneaky :D

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great game. the longest title of yours xD. I'm not a big fan of kinetics, but i'm a big fan of good yuri stories and your games. And I don't regret giving it a try. 

the artstyle looks similar to other games of yours but it improved. Good looking sprites.  Each girls has more than two sprites! And their facial expressions and body language seem to be a bit more advanced too. I see you acknownled super-secret technique of blurring backgrounds. 

interesting main characters. the crazy love story.   your craziest plot so far.  from "useless lesbian" admiring other girl to lovey-dovey couple (with that girl). two opposites with only few things in common (being cute, classmates, lesbians). their relationship... well, that escalated quickly. And got complicated but ended good!

the funny story about serious topic.  it's not like i've seen at least dozen games about crypto-lesbian highschool girls (actaully i did xD). Also, i've noticed some refferences to other game :) 

Already waiting for next game.

Hey there! Thank you so much again for supporting our games! Very very happy that you liked this one! 

heya, i had a crash happen right in the gym scene on what i belive was the second day qwq this game looks super cute and i really want to play more ;-;

Hello! Have you tried closing the game and reopening it? (You should be able to skip to that scene again so you don’t have to re-read everything up to that point)

If you’ve done that and it’s still crashing, let me know if you’re on PC or Mac and we’ll troubleshoot for you! :) 

Ah ive tryed and im not sure what id exactly call it so i guess its the whole "An exception has occured" screen. Im on PC uwu 

Hmm so it's still occurring? Do you mind if you screenshot the "An exception has occurred" screen when it does pop up? Thank you! Sorry about the inconvenience ; n ;


This is sooo cute! Thank you!

You’re welcome!! ❤️ Thank you as well for playreading through our kinetic novel! :)


Holy moly this was some next level cutness right there !

Thank you for the game ^^

Thank you!! Thank you for playing through the kinetic novel! ❤️

Hi dev, I'm getting IOError from this game mac version. Please fix it in next update

Hi, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! We'll get to fixing it asap! :)

Hello, we have fixed the issue and hopefully it works now! 


I don't think candies are this sweet. Nice game

Hope we didn't give you any cavities :) Or rather, we hope the story was sweet enough that it did! Thank you for playing through our kinetic novel! <3


I'm afraid i died of a cute attack and am now leaving this plain of existence. Thanks for making a really good game.

Ahh!! We must bring you back!! Haha, thank you so much for enjoying our game! We hope the cheesiness and fluffiness didn't take too much of a toll on your heart <3


This was just too cute! Thank you for your hard work, It was an amazing read. ^_^

Thank you so much! Happy to hear that you think so ; u ;