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team ANPIM ? is there another way than paypal  to give a little support to your games ?


Unfortunately, there's no other easy way than paypal as of right now v n v You can still pay with a credit card when you click on "Pay with Paypal" and choose the "Pay with credit card or visa debit card" option! But other than that, I do not have any other more secure options for payment v n v 


thank you very much i didnt knew i could still pay with card once i clicked paypal without being registered to a paypal account :) a little support on this one and on secret satiation :)


Thank you so much for the support! <3


it's not much but i wanted to do it and every little support can help you  on your games :) if everyone do this then it can be good in the end :)


this visual novel is so good :) it's so adorable ,cute,lovely , i don't know which word is better but it warm my heart :)  <3<3


Thank you!!


AAAAAA im like 45 min in and I LOVE IT its so cuteee


Woooo!! Hope you enjoy the rest of it! 


cute cute cute cute!!!!!


Damn.... my heart.....


Downloads this VN *loads kitty launcher to see if this is as good as other VN's"


I can't get over how cute this was!!! I was in love with both of the main characters and love the fact that I get to see them work through friendship! Also loved the little detail at the very end that showed what happened to them after the story was done!


Thank you for playing through our game!! Super glad to hear you enjoyed it aaahh!!! <3


-Made a Video.

Thanks again for the playthrough video!! Really appreciate it <3


This is my favorite novel. I fell in love with it. The art style is to die for and the story will hook you up until the end. Everything from it, is amazing I can't help wanting for more. This team is amazing. Keep up the good work and stay safe. 

Thank you so much! ; U ; It always always always makes our heart warm to hear that people enjoyed our game! Thank you so much for the support <3



Honestly, tell your artist that they're a god, okay? There are three reasons I really love Team ANPIM's games, one of them being the art (other two being adorable plot and lesbians). I can't wait to play this one! BTW, do you have Discord or a Discord server? I'm on Discord 24/7, so I'd love to see ya on there. Have a happy Pride Month, stay safe, and I'll play this as soon as I can!


!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We hope you enjoy the game!! And thank you so much for the praise for the artist! :' ) It really means a lot <3 Also, unfortunately, we do not have a Discord server, but maybe one day we'll be big enough to garner interest and start one! :)


They're so cute with each other! They have really good chemistry. I just love the pun with the theirs surnames. 


Hehe thanks for noticing the usage of "neko" in their names! These characters and their color palette are based off cats after all! 


i loved this game so much, very sweet and has an amazing amount of gameplay!!


Nice relaxing story to read!

Also is the brief phone ringtone a Revue Starlight reference?

Thank you!! AND YES IT IS!!! Haha!! Thank you for pointing it out! <3


I just finished the game and all I can say is: IT'S GREAT

I have no idea how I found this VN at all (was looking through vndb) and stumbled across this gem. The short playtime had me skeptical at first on whether I should play it or no, but I decided to go for it anyway and it turned out to be an extremely pleasant few hours. Hibiki is SO CUTE and I really liked the bonus. I'm going to check out your other VNs now because I really liked this one. Keep making more!


WOWWW!!! Thank you so much!!!! 

We're glad to hear that you gave our game a chance via VNDB (there are so many on there, it's a miracle you somehow stumbled upon ours!) We're so grateful that the VN became a pleasant surprise <3 The previous VNs might not be as good as this one as they are older, but we hope you'll have a good time!!! 


bout 10 mins in and im likin it so far! the writing sometimes doesnt make sense, such as kotone complaining about her school makin her wear a skirt cuz shes cold, even tho she has obviously shortened her skirt to the point that its a bit obscene lmao XD and why did she so vehemently insist on leaving hibikis house right after she woke up and ate, just to be lonely and even say herself she should have stayed when she got home? kind of negligable to point out, its jus that it made no sense at all lol. but obviously that stuff is quite minor, while some doesnt make sense i find most of the writing cue, charming, and well done. i like the character art and the music is a lil different than most VNs, which is a plus in my book! ill def be finishing it tomorrow, i hope those terrible girls get whats comin to em! or at least feel some remorse lol, i mean how do u just beat agirl half to death like that?? lol jus terrible... thx so much for makin it!

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Hey there! Thank you so much for the feedback! The skirt bit I agree is a laughing matter haha. Blame the artist for liking short skirts LOOL!! As for your second point, it was to showcase that Kotone is a really guarded person, especially when it comes to strangers. She JUST met Hibiki and she has no idea who she is, except that Hibiki helped her. Since Hibiki was a stranger, Kotone wanted nothing to do with her and recluse back to her usual lonely self. She then realizes she should have stayed at Hibiki's house (as a thought only, I don't recall her madly regretting she should have stayed) because she realizes the company Hibiki had given her was a lot warmer, in contrast to the cold empty house she went home to.

Hope that explained a bit for that part! :) Thank you once again though for even leaving a comment and giving feedback + compliments! We hope you enjoy the rest of the VN! <3


beautiful, lovely .


Hibiki was soo cute <3 and the game itself was short but enjoyable definately didn't regret those 90 minutes i spent on this game! and it's free definately give it a try if you're into romance stuff.

Woooo!! So glad you enjoyed it!! And yes haha Hibiki is a pure sinnamon  cinammon roll hehehehe. Thank you for reading through it!! <333

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I'd like to point out that the pc zip also includes the Linux version of the game. In any case, the game was very enjoyable : they're so adorable ^^

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Oh thank you for pointing that out! And thank you so much for enjoying our kinetic novel!! <3 So glad you like the characters ; u ;

ALSO! We're very very very happy that you recognized that ringtone C:


Totally worth playing/reading if you're in the mood for some quick yuri fluff (it took me about 90 minutes to finish).  For being so short, I can't really nitpick over much.  The only thing I didn't like was the BGM played during Kotone's fights, it didn't quite fit, in my opinion.   The art is great, though.  Both of the characters' personalities are really cute in their own ways.  I really liked the little extra page after the ending, too, added some more character to both of them.  I'm also a sucker for the color scheme going on here, that light orange and green- personal brownie points!

Now I'm going to have to check out TeamANPIM's previous works while looking forward to next year's VN.  Keep up the good work!  :3

Thank you for the feedback! If only our music guy was free this time v n v As great as royalty free music is, there's never one that hits just the spot. But thank you so much for playing and enjoying it! Also grateful that you left such a positive feedback as well ; u ; Your support is greatly appreciated and loved!! Please have fun reading through our other works! :)


what a lovely story! i love how the busts look against the out of focus backgrounds, it really makes the character art shine! such a sweet little vn <3


WOAH!! Thank you so much! Such an honor to have you play one of our vn/kinetic novels! We're so glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for taking the time to pick it up!! <3

(+1) OMG! I'm currently 20 minutes in and I already am hooked!

Thank you!!  Very ecstatic you were hooked!! Hope you enjoyed the rest of the visual novel after the 20 minutes haha! :)


Love-dovey cheesy yuri is wonderful. Don't stop.


Yes!! We really hope to keep going with more in the future! Yuri has too much suffering already, we need that fluffy and cheesy yuri sometimes! We hope you enjoyed our game!


Literally one of the best vn I found  <3

Oh thank you so much for thinking this highly of 1, 2 (abbreviated cause boy, this is a longer title)! We're grateful that you had a great time!!

Hi. I'm been waiting for you next game. and I'm happy to see that realised something again.  ♥
As you may remember, I wasn't disappointed with any of your previous products ;D


Thisa time it was great, too. 

I'll start with the plot... Plot is great as always ♥
I felt so sorry for what happened to MC in opening scene. 
Even if she owned them money, they should'nt treat her this way. Fake friends and bad people!
Poor Kotone T_T

But few moments later she met beautiful, quiet, kind girl. Hibiki :3 So cute... <3
The begening of their friendship were... hard? Two totally different girls - one very kind and polite vs. cold and deliquent one.

Plus Hibiki's secret... But Kotone didn't care about it and she wasn't scared of her or rumors about her family. :)   They became friends. Good friends - caring for each, helping each other and talking about everything. It's kind of friends none of them ever had (i guess). They found each other when they needed each other the most (even if they didn't knew it). 

Two weeks later Hibiki saved Kotone again. Few days later Kotone helped Hibiki (twice). Some time later...  Kotone realised what she feels... She tried to hide it. As hard as she can (even if it'd mean ivoiding, disapointing and hurting Hibiki). It was just too silly, even as for her... 

And finally... They told each other what they feel... and that they like each other.  I almost cried. It was so beautiful scene. And they were happy having and loving each other.

Artstile is very good. Especially sprites. BGs, Ui and musicare ok. Well done and good looking characters. Their styles match their personalities. 
Good work :)

Great game, great plot. And your the best game so far. Sorry for summarizing plot xD. I just tought it'd be the best way to show how I like this game ♥

Thank you for reading yet another one of our works!! <3 Super glad you like this one too!! Until next year HAHA. Again, really appreciate you liking our games!!


Hello TeamANPIM! You made such a wonderful game that, I was hooked the minute I started playing it. You put so much emotion into these two girls that it has the player get drawn in. The art style you chose for this game is soft yet, refined. I just wanted to let's play the whole thing in one go but, I know most viewers won't sit through a long let's play! This game now makes me eager to try your other titles. It's a shame I didn't find you sooner!

!!! Thank you so much for reading!! We're really happy to hear that you enjoyed it! <3 And thank you for the video playthrough as well!! Your kind words encourages us to create an even better game next time (hopefully)! Please also enjoy our previous games when you have the time ; u ;


Hey there! I played a bit of your game and made a video about it! I really like the portraits for the main characters, they're really well-drawn. I'll play the rest of the game later on my free time! Keep up the great work!


Wow! Thank you SO MUCH for giving the game a (partial and hopefully full) playthrough!! Glad you like it so far ; u ; The guessing of the rooftop (oops, spoilers for others?) comment really got me and I couldn't help but laugh HAHA. We hope you end up liking the entire game when you get to it! Thank you once again for the great video! ; U ; 


I ended up finishing the game and it was really cute and just a wholesome experience overall! Great work!


Oh we're super super happy to hear that!! WOW!! Thanks again so much for picking this visual novel/kinetic novel up and liking it! <3

do you guys want (and welcome) feedback about this? I haven't seen any way to private message , cose I would've liked that . 

You could message udon-udon on Tumblr if you really want it to be in private. Pretty sure they're part of the team.

yeah , sorry..I dont have Tumblr , facebook and such lol . 

I just leave my feedback here then . 

The art is nice , darn well made even . 

the game suffer from spelling , grammar and such but I aint a grammanazi though . 

homewhever , where it suffer the most is the beginning . the character (the main girl) come off as an ass (sorry) but she does . I had a hard time feeling bad for her , and I almost quit the game right there and then . But though I give the game a full run , and gotta say it get better later . Happy ending and all . BUT , yes the the whole romance kinda come from out of the blue . There is no build up to it or anything . 

which is a shame , because you do have solid characters (just need a bit more fleshing out) and to fix a few things at the beginning . For exemple , the 'Bullies' are called 'friend' when they should be 'aquaintance' at best or 'Loan shark' . Second , the whole *loan' idea is nice but it doesn't feel right . I understand that some stuff can be made just to get a story going to create a situation . I just though I point it out . 

and when I say doesn't feel right , it just for a 'Student' to 'borrow' money to give to 'parent' for 'gambling' , and you paint this character as somehow of average intelligence . well that is just dumb . Add the fact that the said 'parent' are never heard from , and you never hear about the issue of 'parent x child' . 

Like I said , I understand when you create an idea just to get the story going . But it make the reader question if there should be more and such . As such , I think a school loan would've fit better since the mc is attending school . And then create some tensions with school bullies because those parasite exist even without a reason . 

So I don't know if you are going to work more on this story or not , but these are my feedback . 

Hey! Thank you so much for the feedback! Really helps us improve our next game (hopefully!) by pointing out stuff like this. We apologize if you felt any dissonance for our characters in the beginning, we were trying to paint Kotone as a type of person to shut people out/keep to herself (hence her initial attitude). I agree with you though, build up was kind of lacking, and maybe in the future we can flesh out the stories better. Though two months really is tough -sweats-. We will work around it!!

Thanks once again for the constructive criticism! Really appreciate it! And thank you for giving it a chance by reading it to the end! <3


I'm supposed to rename the file to rar. or something ? 

Hmmm.. I don't believe so, you should be able to unzip it with your preferred unzipping program. Our previous games are all compressed into .zip files as well. Let me know if it still doesn't work! :)

that was weird lol the 1st download , the game ended with zipcdownload . its working fine now though . 

Oh nice! Haha that is pretty weird hm.. But glad to hear it's working fine now!! Enjoy! ; u ;